Methadone Clinic

methadone clinic

Methadone clinic is a medical facility that provides moud treatments. They provide other medications like Suboxone and naltrexone, they are more appropriately referred to as substance use disorder services . However, since methadone is frequently prescribed medication in such facilities, this term is more associated with such clinics. There are other online drug store which is recommended to buy methadone online without any prescriptions like Zamurgy.

Methadone clinics provide medications for a specific period to help people in recovery overcome withdrawal symptoms and cravings in turn help them increase focus on their recovery.

To ensure that each individual receives comprehensive care, they also offer family, group and 1 on 1 counseling and other evidence based therapies.

Services Provided by Methadone Clinics
  • Every individual is provided with physical examination by a physician or a health care practitioner under the supervision of a program physician.
  • Policies and procedures must be in place at clinics to handle the special needs of pregnant women. For example, the clinic must provide prenatal care or refer the individual to a facility that can.
  • Individuals accepted into an OTP must be provided with a treatment plan and regular evaluations throughout treatment to enhance efficacy. 
  • Individuals must be provided with appropriate therapy and counseling services by an addiction specialist qualified to assess social and psychological backgrounds, contribute to the treatment plan.

A methadone clinic must provide these services as a bare minimum. However, other clinics may go above and beyond these standards by providing a wide range of counseling and holistic therapies. Order methadone online at

Common Reasons Why People Use Methadone Clinics

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1. Codeine

When it is ingested, codeine is broken down in the liver where it reverts to morphine. There’s a good reason why cough medicine is locked up behind the counter. the sleepy feelings pleasure it provides in excessive doses can lead to unexpected addiction.

2. Oxymorphone

Oxymorphone is a schedule II opioid analgesic. The trade name for these tablets is Opana, and the release of the tablet format coincided with a jump in addiction rates. From 2010 to 2020, the number of emergency department visits triggered by oxymorphone use skyrocketed from 4,599 to 12,122.

3. Hydrocodone and Oxycodone: Because physicians prescribe these drugs, many people don’t fully understand their addictive potential.

4. Morphine

Because it’s easier for medical professionals to obtain, doctors and nurses are the most likely to develop a morphine addiction. Like other opioids, misuse of morphine can rapidly spiral out of control.

5. Heroin

Notably, 86% of heroin users in urban areas report that they first used prescription opioids before moving on to heroin. Abusing it leads to physical deterioration and serious health problems in a matter of weeks.

Methadone clinic

Treatments Offered at Methadone Clinics

Most methadone clinics provide a variety of treatment options and medication for opioid use disorder is, of course, at the heart of OTP treatment. However, methadone clinics also place a strong emphasis on counseling and behavioral therapy to provide a whole-person approach to OUD treatment.

  • MOUD: When taken as directed by a licensed healthcare professional physician, MOUD blocks the effects of illicit opioids on the brain, resulting in reduced cravings and dependence.
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT): Individuals who participate in CBT learn to recognize and rectify harmful behaviors by applying healthy coping skills to prevent substance misuse and address various other issues that often co-occur with it.
  • Recovery support services (RSS): RSS encourages a healthy lifestyle that reduces the risk of relapse. Individuals who receive opioid use disorder treatment alongside RSS have a higher long-term recovery rate than those who don’t.

Benefits of Methadone Clinics

What does a methadone clinic do for recovery? No matter the specific drug, methadone maintenance treatment is highly effective in combating addiction. One of the main reasons people choose methadone is its cost-effectiveness and convenience as compared to residential treatment. With methadone maintenance, you just pay for the medication and services, not for accommodations.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of methadone clinics is the time efficiency. Rather than putting life on pause for weeks or months to receive treatment at a residential center, patients receiving methadone can continue to live their lives with minimal interruption. As long as you can schedule time for counseling and go once a day, every day, to receive your medication, you can successfully participate in a methadone maintenance program.

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